Sheet vinyl – Still a great option

We don’t just sell carpet! We are a locally owned small business, selling and installing Sheet vinyl. One piece sheet vinyl is great for Kitchens and baths, can also be used throughout your entire house. We currently display Congoleum AirStep and IVC Flexitec sheet vinyl. If we don’t have the sample in the showroom, we can have it sent to you from the manufacturer. Please visit us at 408 South Main Street in Washington. Our team will pay attention to all your flooring needs and make sure you have an amazing experience with us.

Sheet vinyl construction

Thin and flexible standard sheet vinyl has no or few seams so it is easy to clean. Sheet vinyl has a backing layer, print layer, wear layer and urethane topcoat. Digital imaging produces the print layer, which closely mimics tile or wood flooring. Today, this digital technology has brought the product to a very realistic imitation of the real thing without the expense.

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Installation is best left to the professionals. Sheet vinyl comes in one piece, therefore it may be more difficult to install. We usually fully glue the piece down, but it can be loose lay or perimeter glued. We will let you know what the best installation would be for you. We will transition between all other existing flooring materials.

Our services include free measurements, free estimates and professional installation as well as custom area rugs and binding. You can get started with your vinyl project by contacting us via our online form, giving us a call or visiting our showroom.

Our reputation says it all. First Place Winner of the Best Of The Best Flooring Store for the last Three Years.