Flooring installation


Know these flooring installation techniques

You need to be aware of the different types of installation because installation can affect your time, budget, and preparation. You'll know what to expect, and the process will run more smoothly. The following is a guide to the different types of installation, but, as always, come in to speak to one of our experts at Rhodes Carpet & Installation, your flooring company in Washington, PA, if you still have questions.

Traditional tongue and groove

This is the only flooring installation technique used for solid hardwood flooring. The boards, which already come with protrusions and grooves, are fitted together, edge to edge, nailed down, with possibly several finishes and stain required coats. Subfloors may need to be repaired and restored, adding to the processing time.

The floating floor--no nails or glue needed

Luxury vinyl, laminate flooring, and engineered hardwood flooring can all be floating floors. Floating floors have a locking mechanism, so pieces click together, mat, then hover over the subfloor. The advantage of a floating floor is that it can easily pick up the pieces and move the flooring to another room or house. Loose lay is a version of the floating floor without the locking mechanism; it's sometimes used for sheet vinyl.



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The stretch in the carpet installation

The most common type of rug placement is to place tack strips, thin wooden bands with nails, around the room's perimeter. The padding is then placed inside the tack strips, and the carpet is secured and stretched with a power stretcher, a long tool with tines at the end. Power stretchers firmly push the rug to the wall so it is taut and won't move, and now many manufacturer warranties specify their use in their warranty installation requirements.

Other installation methods are glue down, which is as it sounds, and peel and stick. Peel and stick are often used for vinyl composite tiles (VCT) or carpet tiles. The products, which come in numerous colors and patterns, come with a self-adhesive backing and can be an excellent solution for an inexpensive spruce-up.

Our experts will give you a quality, craftsman-like residential or commercial flooring installation, one that will become the jewel in the crown of your home. Visit us to explore our full inventory and learn more about our services, including custom area rugs, area rug binding, a free flooring installation quote, and more. The Rhodes Carpet & Installation showroom is in Washington, PA and we service Washington County, PA.