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We are a locally owned small business, selling and installing Carpet since 1973. We display Major Manufacturers such as Karastan, Mohawk, Shaw and Dreamweaver. You will be delighted to discover the carpet selection we have for you. If we don’t have the sample in the showroom, we can have it sent to you from the manufacturer. Please visit us at 408 South Main Street in Washington. Our team will pay attention to all your carpeting needs and make sure you have an amazing experience with us.

Carpet fibers

Rhodes Carpet and Installation carries a wide range of carpet fibers. Based on your specific use, we can help you decide which is best for you.

PET Polyester - Generally the least expensive fibers. Manufactured using recycled Soda/Water bottles. This is important because this type of plastic is new and has never been used for any other purpose, making it a very strong fiber. The color goes all the away through the fiber, therefore it is inherently stain resistant, can be aggressively cleaned, fade resistant and allows for more vibrant colors. Budget friendly for gamerooms and familyrooms where stains are most likely to happen.

Nylon – This fiber has been in use for carpets for a very long time. Known to be the most resilient fiber on the market. It is great to be used in bedrooms and other high foot traffic areas such as steps and hallways. Stain resistance is applied to the fiber, however most nylons do not have the color throughout the fiber. Think Carrot vs Radish, Nylon is the Radish. This makes it more susceptible to fading and you need to be more careful in cleaning.

Triexta – Also know as Smartstrand, this fiber is newer to the market. We have been selling this product since it was first launched in 2005 and have had great success. Made from corn, instead of petroleum, the fiber has permanent stain resistance that never wears off. Also, very resilient and resistant to fading. Best used in areas where stains are a problem such as high traffic living and dining areas. Kid and pet friendly.

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Carpet style

Cut pile - This style includes Saxony, Textured and Frieze. Question is, do want solid or multi color, short or shaggy, soft of firm? Let us help.

Loop pile - Also sometimes called Berber. Carpet is low nap, and has loops. Great for steps and high traffic areas. Not as soft as a cut pile.

Cut and loop pile - Generally a patterned carpet using both Cut and Loop. Just like it sounds.


Installation is best left to the professionals. Our installers use a power stretchers to be sure that your carpet never buckles or becomes loose. Also, they have the skill to handle tasks such as matching patterns, creating seams and transitioning to existing flooring.

Our services include free measurements, free estimates and professional installation as well as custom area rugs and binding. You can get started with your carpeting project by contacting us via our online form, giving us a call or visiting our showroom.

Our reputation says it all. First Place Winner of the Best Of The Best Flooring Store for the last three years.