Here’s what area rugs do for your home

Here’s what area rugs do for your home

An area rug can make a big difference in your decor. They put the finishing touch on any interior design plan and make an already-gorgeous floor look spectacular by accenting and highlighting. They also have the same functional benefits as broadlooms, such as eliminating sound and adding warmth and comfort. At Rhodes Carpet & Installation, explore our fully stocked inventory of standard area rugs, or explore our area rug binding department to find out more about our custom area rugs offering.

Creating more room

It is not uncommon to find one big room for both the living and dining space. Use rugs to separate them, creating separate spaces for a cozy, intimate seating area and one for the dining space. This idea works just as well if you want to section off a corner of a room for a home office, reading area, or even a bedroom.

How to save money

Sometimes a rug is damaged but is too expensive, such as an Oriental or Persian, to replace. Please take it to us; we'll cut around the damage, take it to our binding department, and voila! You have an area rug. You can also do this if the carpet is too sentimental to get rid of or if you'd like to create something unique with a logo or message.

Area rugs=grounding

When area rugs are correctly placed, they anchor the furniture and provide a snug, comfortable area, such as the seating space. A living room rug should be large enough so that the major furniture pieces, such as a sofa, are all sitting on the rug, or at least have the front legs on it, with a 12 to an 18-inch extension on the bare floor. Without this anchor, it can seem like the furniture is just floating.

Are you inspired now? To learn what amazing things you can do with custom area rugs, come into the Rhodes Carpet & Installation showroom in Washington, PA. We serve homeowners and businesses in Washington County and remember to ask about our free quote.