How to choose between nylon and polyester carpet flooring

How to choose between nylon and polyester carpet flooring

Nylon and polyester are the two most popular choices for a synthetic soft surface flooring covering. However, many tell us that they have a hard time deciding.

Let’s break it all down.

Is your family large and active with kids and pets?

Nylon has ultra-durability and strength. It also has superior resiliency and the ability to bounce back into shape after compression, such as footsteps.

This makes it ideal for heavily-trafficked floors. In addition, it will last for a long time and still look great.

Polyester is best for moderately busy rooms, i.e., small, quiet families with no pets.

Is your priority stain resistance?

Polyester rules! It's hydrophobic so that this carpeting won't absorb. When a protectant is combined with it, stain resistance is ultra-superior.

Nylon, however, also has good stain resistance when a protectant is applied.

Soft styles for both

Many want a soft, cushiony feeling underfoot. Tell your flooring experts if ultra-softness is your priority.

Fibers today come in thinner, finer strands. This gives both nylon and polyester plenty of soft styles.

Cost: This may be the deciding factor

You’ll find a variety of fibers when you come into the carpet store. For example, polyester is less expensive than nylon, but nylon accounts for over 50% of all residential carpets.

Every carpet has different grades and quality levels, so be sure to examine the same quality rugs when comparing.

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