Can I really get carpet flooring that's stain-resistant?

Can I really get carpet flooring that's stain-resistant?

As you gear up for your carpeting remodel, we know you have some critical questions that need answers. One of the questions we hear is whether the carpet is stain-resistant.

The answer is yes and choosing the right level of protection is crucial for your flooring results. If you're a parent or pet owner, you'll want to know more about these facts before shopping.

How is carpet durable?

Some fibers offer natural characteristics that protect your carpets longer, including nylon and polyester. For example, nylon is naturally resistant to matting and crushing in low and medium-traffic areas.

Polyester carpeting does a great job of guarding against permanent stains. But these fibers aren’t the perfect choice for high-traffic spaces because they crush easily.

The best options for natural durability

In spaces where you know wear and stains are highly probable, choose carpets with stain resistance built into the fibers of the flooring. This protection makes the floors easier to clean and keeps them looking their best for years.

It's a perfect choice for parents and pet owners, but it can extend your floor's lifespan regardless of traffic levels. If you'd like to find out more about this flooring covering, see it in person when you're in the area.

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